What is your Brand?

My brand is what differentiates myself from others. I believe I am committed, creative, hardworking, helpful, open-minded, and a good listener. When hearing from others, they say that there is more to me then I know. It makes sense because they do say that,

“The people who know you well, know your brand better.”

(A. Natasha)

I communicate in an active and motivated way that makes others think that I am enthusiastic all the time. I feel comfortable if I am given the same vibe from others when communicating. Just like in teams, being able to give and listen to ideas, and show leadership, helps succeed in projects and assignments. I like to be creative with my thoughts because it makes me interested in what I am doing. I always plan before doing something so my hard work won’t go into waste. Like planning out tasks before meetings and drawing or speaking with visuals to easily explain something, like with PowerPoint or reality examples.

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I like to be open-minded and a good listener when it comes to personal and work related because when understanding and listening to someone’s thoughts, every persons’ words has its meanings and it can be something I can learn from. It shows the trust they have in me for knowing and also needing advice. In a workplace, as an individual or in a team helping others and being helped is not wrong. It shows that I don’t have ego and will give my all.

In a workplace, being able to focus on tasks and taking risks is not hard when you are committed. Even at school, when it comes to my assignments, I always prepare so it can be perfect when submitted. No matter where I am, until I am done what I need to do for the day, I will not go home. It’s important to finish tasks on time and right away. I am the type of girl who can’t say no when others need help, even if I don’t have time because people don’t ask help for no reason. If they ask, they are desperate, and I can’t let others down. Being in a team, is to be able to work together, think of ideas, and help each other. Same goes individually because everyone works together in a company for its succession.

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I’m not going to call myself perfect because even I have my weaknesses but wanting to improve in them is not hard unless I try. This is what I believe is my brand, but in others view, it could be different. Every day is a day I can change, to be better. I want to improve my public speaking, being able to speak in a bigger crowd. After taking this program, I have been changing but I want to do better.









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